Xchange links

This page contains link generator which can be embedded in Shroud of the Avatar marketplace.

Once embedded, it will:

  • record the address of marketplace post on THRAX information
  • an optional time counter (to assist in a bidding post)
  • cross-marketing your marketplace post when a similar item is being viewed on Oceania THRAX.

Generate THRAX link

Email is optional, for PIN recovery purpose.
Re-enter email:  
Expiry Date (optional): 
display countdown timer based on expiry date  

Your embed link:


THRAX Link: 154623456

PIN: 6584

A copy of above information (Link & PIN) has also been emailed to you.

Record prices on your link

You can record your sales or purchase price, against your THRAX link.

This information will help providing transparency in market prices, an invaluable information to maintain a healthy market.


Link is found! please enter transaction details below.

THRAX Link: 154623456
Link to SOTA marketplace's forum post:
Verification Status: Pending  (what's this? - status will be verified when THRAX link is embedded in SOTA marketplace link.

Item    Price